What inspired me to become a doctor?

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? I feel a little embarrassed! I mean, you know it has been a while since we have started talking to each other but I never asked about you. Sometimes I SHOULD ask about you, about your life. Especially after covid has locked us as birds in a cage.Continue reading “What inspired me to become a doctor?”

This is what cancer terms means!!

Hello everyone. Have you been through my previous blogs. If not, then go right away, what are you doing here? Go and you can also win a chance to take your family to Jurassic period as I have repaired my time machine. Just kidding. Even I can’t go there. Poor me. Well, forget that. WhatContinue reading “This is what cancer terms means!!”

Do you love your lungs like you love your heart?

Hello everyone. How are you doing? This article will serve as somewhat a continuation to our previous blog. In last blog, I described about out respiratory tract. This time we will start our discussion with Lungs. Lungs are our destination factory where actual work is done after reaching via road i.e. respiratory tract. After readingContinue reading “Do you love your lungs like you love your heart?”

What do you know about different lymphomas?

Hello everyone. I am again here with a new exciting blog. But before anything, I want to ask a question. What is your favourite Blink 182 song? Mine are- Adam’s song and Always. You might be wondering what am I asking out of the blue. Well, the thing is. I have recently got to knowContinue reading “What do you know about different lymphomas?”