Are we going through the worst pandemic?

Hi there. How are you doing in this on-going pandemic? Good? Not good? But the question is, really! Is pandemic still going on? Well, actually yes. Mostly the risk of the mass deaths has ended but pandemic is still there. But still , it took about three years before we can enjoy freely without anyContinue reading “Are we going through the worst pandemic?”

Everything you want to know about NEW COVID VARIANT

When we are just suffering from the potential threat of WW3, our old nemesis in new form seems to have appeared in front of us, again. Well, I meant to say, as we already had been going through the turmoil of covid19 and its various variants. Another threat has appeared. That is no other thanContinue reading “Everything you want to know about NEW COVID VARIANT”

Can we treat Alzheimer disease?

Hello there. We all know there is some called Alzheimer disease. Maybe some of us know that it is the number one cause of dementia, mainly seen in elders. However not all of us know about What is Alzheimer disease Why it occurs How it occurs How to prevent and treat it Therefore, to getContinue reading “Can we treat Alzheimer disease?”

Why do older people require more Calcium?

We all have heard once in our life time that older people need Calcium (Ca) supplements either through diet or through medicines. But why though? Why only older people and not young ones? What happens if we ignore this? And what are those supplements that provide the required Ca? Hello Friends, This time I willContinue reading “Why do older people require more Calcium?”

Neuron or neuroglia, which cell are you?

Hello everyone. How is your spinal cord working? Wait what! Weird question huh! Actually I found this question quiet funny. But it also put me to think that we always ask how is your brain working? Actually, we don’t ask this too. I mean generally, our functioning majorly depends on our nervous system. From coordinationContinue reading “Neuron or neuroglia, which cell are you?”

Here’s how to distinguish apoptosis with necrosis?

Hello friends. So, as I was saying in the last blog. Cell is just like us. It also tries to adapt itself to unfavourable condition with different mechanisms like being hypertrophic, hyperplastic or metaplastic etc. If you don’t know what these terms means, check out my previous blog. If the stress gets out of controlContinue reading “Here’s how to distinguish apoptosis with necrosis?”

Do you know about your cellular injuries?

Hello everyone. If you are here then it means that you are also just like me, curious and stressed. Curious to know the worldly things and stressed as there is too much in this world. But do our cells or organs also get stressed? Have you ever thought about it? Therefore, today we will beContinue reading “Do you know about your cellular injuries?”

Gout vs Arthritis: Who wins the battle?

Hello everyone. I did not post last time, I should apologise for that. The last topic that I wanted to cover is about: Gout Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis Without further ado, let’s get onto it. Gout Definition: Form of arthritis(A#1) which is acute and inflammatory. Causes: Precipitation of monosodium urate crystals in joints. Risk factors:Continue reading “Gout vs Arthritis: Who wins the battle?”