Is there a new pandemic now- Monkey pox?

Recently, we are seeing that another disease called monkeypox, is creating a panic among the people and the government. According to the report of webmd on 26, May 2022, there are 21 countries already that are reporting this disease.

So, can we assume that we will see a new pandemic?

For that to answer, we have to know few things first.

What is it?

It is a disease caused by virus called monkeypox (a dsDNA virus) which belongs to the family Orthopoxvirus includes virus such as variola and cowpox which causes smallpox and cowpox disease respectively.


The symptoms resemble to that of smallpox symptoms but only milder. They are:

  • Fever (one of the earliest sign)
  • Muscle or body pain
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Chills
  • Lymphadenopathy (lymph node swelling), distinguishes from other pox diseases

At first, symptoms are like flu-like that may take more than a week to appear. Then as our body fights, lymphadenopathy is observed.

Later, we observe rashes. And this is the highly characteristic point. The rashes are flat red bumps on the body. It starts on the face and spreads to genitals or distal parts of hands and legs. Later on, this rash transform into blisters (bubble like painful lesions on the skin) that are repulsive to watch.


  • Animal contact such as bites or scratches
  • Person to person contact
    • Directly as through respiratory droplets during sneeze or cough or other body fluids.
    • This time, it is has adapted itself to spread through sexual intercourse as well.
    • Indirectly through fomites such as clothes etc.


The cure is still unknown. However, antiviral drugs such as Vistide and Tembexa can be used.

To prevent, smallpox vaccine can be used as it is at least 85% effective against monkeypox.


So, reading through all this makes us wonder if monkeypox is deadly or not. And frankly, it is not. It can be fatal as around 10% of the cases are deadly. Though, it improves on its own after couple of weeks. Still, we can’t be careless. We have to maintain proper hygiene and distance without discrimination from the infected person.


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