Path to become a Doctor.

Hello readers. This is going to be my first blog, about myself.

I am a medical student, currently studying in Ukraine.

At the time, I am making this blog, I have completed my 2nd year and will be starting my 3rd year soon enough.

You may be thinking, so what am I doing here. Why a blog of all the things for a medical aspirant?

Well you see, I have created this blog, to start a new journey. Where, I will be sharing my experience, my knowledge and my thoughts with you. Where, this blog will not serve only the non-medical aspirants who wish to know about human body, but also medical aspirants, who have a dream to serve the humanity.

Here, I will be posting about everything, that I am learning in the process. During which, not only me, but you guys too, will get to know about our body, our life, and our death.

In short, we will be working on to figure out about ourselves, as a machine and as a human.

So, I hope us a very good journey.

I am very grateful of you to join in my path to become a doctor.

Published by signaturedoctor

I am a doctor-to-be pursuing my medical studies. I want to share my knowledge to fellow medical students and to other interested people.

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