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“By Medicine, life may be prolonged. Yet, Death will seize even the Doctor.”

William Shakespeare

Latest from the Blog

  • What makes hepatitis B the most deadly?
    This article is the 2nd part of my previous blog. In this, I have described and compared all viral hepatitis from A to E. After reading this, you can easily distinguish one hepatitis type from another.
  • What kind of functions do liver perform?
    In this article, you will know about the essentiality of the largest organ and gland i.e. liver. How it performs various functions and what various functions it performs? This article is just the 1st part of the whole article where in the next part I will describe about hepatitis.
  • Neuron or neuroglia, which cell are you?
    Hello everyone. How is your spinal cord working? Wait what! Weird question huh! Actually I found this question quiet funny. But it also put me to think that we always ask how is your brain working? Actually, we don’t ask this too. I mean generally, our functioning majorly depends on our nervous system. From coordination to emotion to growth toContinue reading “Neuron or neuroglia, which cell are you?”

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